About Us

The concept of Hillside Threads Co. all started long, long ago in the heart of a small town Okie girl. That’s me, Angela Juarez. I grew up in Sapulpa, OK, where the gossip is thick, the folks are friendly, and the roots run very deep. I once left this town in search of bigger things, but not long after, realized I longed for the place I called home. Now I'm right back where I started, raising my family, and darn proud of where I come from.

Hillside Threads specializes in embroidered custom apparel and accessories so that you, too, can represent what you are most proud of. Whether that be a small business, the Friday night football game, or your very own neck of the woods.

We are family owned and operated and honored to be part of the #shopsmallmovement. Nobody is a stranger to us. So if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a holler.


Much love,

Angela and the Hillside Threads family